Some of you may have noticed that I tend to mix terminology from both American and British English. This is because I was born in the USA, but have lived in the UK since 2009, so I’ve been slowly transitioning in the way I speak. For those of you on either side of the pond, here is a quick reference for some of the terminology and spellings you might see me use.

cell phone mobile
college university
diaper nappy
crib cot
pacifier dummy
mom mum
-ize -ise
-or -our
-er -re
1 lb (pound) 0.45 kg (kilogram)
1' (foot) 0.30 m (metres)
1" (inch) 2.54 cm (centimetres)

As a rule, I try to use the UK terms where ever I can, but there are a few exceptions.

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