Hi, I’m Karen. I’m a wife and mother with an unusual combination of hobbies: I love technology, but I live by nature’s philosophies. But how does that work?! Well, it does. I’m living proof that you don’t have to go live in the woods to feel healthier and happier naturally.

What I do do though, is when I find myself feeling like something in modern living is a forced fit, I ask myself this: What would nature do?

And surprisingly, the rest takes care of itself.

I am slim, strong, energetic and feel truly blessed in my life. My daughter is equally happy and healthy. This has not always been my life though. It has been a long road of discovery as I’ve again and again pursued, or serendipitously run across, better solutions to areas most people don’t even question. And that brings us here.

Why start a blog? Because I hope to reach those of you who, like myself, are open to another way. I want to show you what your options are so that you can make informed decisions where others follow blindly. And if nothing else, I want to be a friend to those who dare to trust their bodies and their instincts in a world where faith in either is often considered unwise.

Welcome to my blog, may I offer you a refreshing perspective?


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