So pick a topic. Any controversial topic.

You come at it with an open mind, aware that the people on the different sides each have their reasons for being on that side.

You do your research, eliminating sources that seem to be based heavily in biases, or ones that have not done the due diligence to keep it scientific.

This, to your dismay, leads you more and more towards the more controversial of the two conclusions.

You share your findings with the general populace on social media, and, to further your troubles, are greeted with searing hate for you to even consider such a possibility.

Now what?


Try to ignore the hate directed at you from the general public, and ask the authors of the rejecting comments what they think you missed, to see if it’s something that could change your mind. ✅ … No luck.

Go back and research more, looking for holes in your conclusion. Was there anything you should have considered but didn’t? ✅ … Nothing that sways you. If anything, the additional research pushes you more in your concluded direction.

Mull on if you have any internal biases that could have blurred your judgment. Make sure you are really seeking an answer with an open heart. ✅ …If anything, you WANT to be convinced of the mainstream view, as that would be so much easier/welcoming.

When none of that changes anything, you start asking questions: Is there something wrong with me? With society? With social media?

You start wondering: When did it become a crime to form your own opinions?

But it is. Not “officially”, but it is. You are now the witch of the witch hunt. Congratulations!

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